Why Hospice?

Coping with a serious illness can be frightening, for both the patient and the family. Choosing to contact Hospice of the Upstate isn’t about giving up. It’s about taking control and helping you to navigate the complex healthcare system.

Living with a chronic or life-limiting illness can be daunting alone. That’s where Hospice of the Upstate and our professional clinical team members can help.

Using a team-oriented approach, hospice places emphasis on embracing the patient’s goals and wishes while providing comfort, physical, emotional and spiritual care. Hospice of the Upstate continues to be ranked above state and national averages in our patient and family satisfaction survey.

At Hospice of the Upstate we focus on:

Pain Management

The goal of hospice is to minimize pain so that patients are comfortable and able to enjoy each day to the fullest. Hospice of the Upstate has an unmatched expertise in pain management whether that be in your own home, a skilled nursing facility, an assisted living facility, or at our Rainey Hospice House.

Quality of Life

Hospice may be the right choice if you or your loved one has illness with a prognosis of less than six months and have chosen to receive comfort care as opposed to curative treatment. What this simply means is shifting the focus from curing a disease to maximizing the comfort, dignity and care of the individual.

Attentive Care

Hospice of the Upstate will address not only your physical needs but your emotional, social, and spiritiual needs as well. We involve the patient and their family in all decisions and provide you with a comprehensive Care Team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.