Patient Care


Hospice emphasizes quality rather than quantity of life.

We consult with patients, their families, and their private physician in order to develop a Personal Care Plan. These Personal Care Plans allow our patients to live in comfort, while maintaining control, dignity, and quality of life choices. Hospice of the Upstate responds by offering the level of care that meets the individual patient’s needs—in the location that is most appropriate and comfortable. For all levels of care, you receive an interdisciplinary team that consists of our Medical Director, nurses, certified nursing assistants, a social worker and chaplain.

The majority of hospice patients receive home care.

Home Care

We believe in bringing care to wherever you call home. We strive to provide an environment of care that is comfortable for the patient and their family. Home care is provided when the patient’s symptoms are controlled.

Continuous Home Care

Continuous Home Care is provided during periods of crisis in which a patient requires continuous nursing care. This care is provided only during a period of crisis as necessary to maintain the patient at home.

General Inpatient Care

If symptoms such as shortness of breath, uncontrolled nausea, pain, and agitation cannot be controlled at home, patients are admitted to our Rainey Hospice House for symptom management. This is a short-term level of care and is not intended to be permanent. Upon arrival to the House, discussion with the patient and family for future plans will be held.

Respite Care

Respite care is short-term inpatient care for 5 consecutive days provided to the replica patient when necessary. It is only provided on an occasional basis but allows the caregiver and the family a rest or break from caregiving.