Frequently Asked Questions

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Hospice and palliative care can seem very similar. Palliative care is available to those with a life-limiting illness and may be administered alongside curative treatments and hospice care is available once a terminal diagnosis is made.

We can help sooner than you think. Many people don’t realize hospice care is not just for a patient’s final days. Patients are eligible for hospice care once their life expectancy is six months or less. Signs that it may be time to ask about hospice:


  • A diagnosis of a terminal illness
  • The desire to focus on comfort and quality of life
  • A rapid decline in health and symptoms can’t be controlled
One of the first things we will do if referred by a family member is contact the patient’s physician to make sure they agree that hospice care is appropriate. The patient and family members will then meet with a clinical team to sign consent and insurance forms, similar to when someone enters a hospital. Our clinical team member will walk with you each step of the way!
Each patient receives a team of caregivers to assist them with hospice. The team includes a physician, nurse, certified nursing assistant, social worker, chaplain, and volunteer if needed. In hospice, we not only support the patients but their families as well. Our bereavement coordinators are there to support you in your grief journey as well.
Our team will collaborate with your primary care physician if you choose.