Children’s Grief Support

One of the greatest myths surrounding hospice care is that only the elderly are affected by end of life and terminal illnesses.

However, in our community alone, we have hundreds of children who face the emotional challenges of losing a loved one. These children experience levels of grief that are difficult for even adults to understand. Some of these children have nowhere else to turn and are left alone to deal with their emotions. We provide children’s grief support in several different forms to best suit your child.

Individual Counseling Sessions

If your child could benefit from individual counseling sessions with one of our bereavement coordinators, we are here! Our individual counseling sessions are conducted in our children’s room in the Sadler Bereavement & Education Center.

School Counseling Groups

Hospice of the Upstate provides counseling directly in school systems throughout the Upstate. Our counselors work closely with school guidance counselors to help identify students who may need a litte extra support following the death of a loved one. Whether that be an individual or group session during school hours, they are willing to meet your children to provide them the support they need.

Camp Hope

Camp Hope has become such a staple in our community. This one-day bereavement camp encourages children, ages 6-12, to feel comfortable exploring their grief and learning they are not alone. Brooke, our children’s bereavement coordinator, works with each child in fun, interactive ways such as games, memory stones and group sessions. Teaching children to identify their grief, learn coping skills and help them identify adults who they can ask for help will be the focus of Camp Hope. Greater than any education or advice we could give, allowing children the opportunity to connect with other grieving children is a powerful and healing process.

Because of special donors, we are able to provide this camp at no cost to all the children in the communities we serve who have suffered the loss of a parent, sibling or grandparent!

Camp Hope in Anderson is held in April.

Camp Hope in Greenville is held in September.

Our children’s Bereavement Coordinator, Brooke Tavernier, is available to speak with you anytime. She can be reached at864-328-1953.