2014 Spirit of Hospice Award-Pam Harper

Sadler Center
September 23, 2014

2014 Spirit of Hospice Award-Pam Harper

2014 Spirit of Hospice Award

Pam Harper

Each year The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life presents awards to recognize extraordinary services performed by exceptional people in North and South Carolina. Any staff member or volunteer that is affiliated with a hospice that is a member of The Carolinas Center can be nominated for any award. This year, Hospice of the Upstate, nominated Pam Harper for the 2014 Spirit of Hospice Award. This award is presented to someone who consistently demonstrates a gentle, caring spirit over time during all stages of development, teamwork, and/or personal circumstance and someone who uses home effectively creatively and compassionately in their work. It’s easy to see why Pam won this prestigious award. She fits the description to a T. We are so proud of her and are so glad that we got to keep this a secret until the award was announced!

An excerpt from Pam’s Nomination:

Have you ever met someone whose entire demeanor says “How can I help?” A person who has a smile waiting for the smallest excuse to spread across her face? Someone who makes you feel better just being around her? Well, meet Pam Harper from   Hospice of the Upstate!….. Pam is one of our most valued employees at Hospice of the Upstate. Her longevity proves her        commitment to our patients, their families, and our organization. If anyone is deserving of this award, it would be Pam       Harper, the FACE and SPIRIT of Hospice of the Upstate.